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This private volcanic eruption hike takes you right to the edge of the recently erupted Fagradalsfjall (Meradalir) volcano, connected to the 2021 Geldingadalir eruption. The volcano started to erupt again on the 3rd of August 2022 and a further 3rd time in July 2023, from a new side after almost a year of dormancy.

***The Volcano Status – updated 10th of July 2023**
Volcanic activity has resumed with smoke and some lava exiting the north east side of the original eruption site. It is in a more remote location from past eruptions and Hidden Iceland will not be running tours there on foot until further advice is given from the Civil Defense and a full risk assessment is completed. Reach out to for updates and for other tour options. 

Private Volcanic Eruption Hike

On this tour, we will walk the long, adventurous route around to the north side of the volcanic crater, with breathtaking views of the past lava fields, craters and untouched terrain.

The aim on every tour is to reach the new lava fields and see the volcano erupting (from a safe distance). Depending on fitness levels, weather and the best view that day, we may choose to take shorter routes to other viewpoints.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We cannot guarantee that you will see lava on any of our tours. 

Description of the Hike

The volcanic eruption hike is not for the feint of heart, or the unfit, but it is well worth it for those ready for a challenging hike in rough terrain. If you prefer to take the easier route, you can instead book an exhilarating 45 minute helicopter ride over the top of the volcano site.

This tour is focused predominantly on the volcano hike, which will take up the majority of the day, with some other minor stops in the Reykjanes Peninsula, as time allows. Your expert guide will keep you entertained on the walk with stories and fun facts about Iceland. The new trail to the flowing lava also skirts the edges of the 2021 cooled lava fields, the two main craters and a landscape that is empty, unspoiled and peaceful…until you reach the new fissure of course! The walk is really quite beautiful.

Difficulty level:
The hike to the eruption site is considered difficult. It is an 18km (13 miles) round trip. Around 3 hours of walking each way. Much of that distance is not on a maintained trail (though improvements are ongoing), and the walking surface is made up of loose gravel and larger loose rocks. This means stumbles, trips and falls are likely even for the most experienced hikers.

The elevation gain throughout the trip is approximately 500m (1750 ft), though not in one go. Although this is not an insurmountable elevation gain, a lot of this is climbed near the beginning of the hike on some steep switchbacks (a trail that cuts sharply from one direction to the other). This part of the hike is on a poorly maintained trail and made up of loose dirt which is extremely slippery in all conditions, but particularly in rain. For these reasons we discourage anyone who is not a regular hiker, or of a high level of physical fitness from taking part in this hike. Consider the volcanic eruption helicopter ride instead.

Fagradalsfjall (Meradalir) Volcanic Eruption Site

The eruption site is quite astonishing. On some days you will be amazed as lava erupts vertically out of the crater(s). On other days, you will be awed by the fast flowing lava pouring like rivers in every direction. And on many visits you will be stupefied as you witness slow moving lava advancing towards you. All of this can be experienced from a respectful and safe distance, as dictated by your guide.

We’ll spend around 1 hour in the volcanic eruption area. Staying a respectful distance from the newly formed lava rock is important since there can be lava hiding beneath the cooled rock. This means we will not walk on the lava rocks while on the tour, even if you see others doing it. Safety is always our chief concern. Please keep in mind that our safety measures may be more stringent than some of the people you see at the volcano site. This means your guide will assess the site and determine where is safe to walk to while there. This is often dictated by gas levels, wind direction, fitness levels and conditions on the day. We only go to the volcanic eruption site if it is safe to do so!

Further disclaimer: There is never a guarantee of seeing lava flowing. Each day is unique. We will let you know before the tour of the likelihood of seeing lava before the tour commences. 

The Walk Back & Drive Home

Before you know it, it’ll be time to start heading back. New routes are created and opened up all the time but for now our intention will be to return the same way we came. Don’t worry, the volcanic landscape on the return can be just as unique. A change in direction and angle of the sun can transform previously seen views into something completely different.

As we drive the 50 minutes back to Reykjavík we’ll make sure to stop off at some local sights (depending on how much time you spent at the volcano site and how tired everyone is after the hike). The drive back is almost as spectacular as the hike itself with the scarred cliff sides, historic lava fields and remnants of past eruptions punctuating the empty volcanic landscape of the Reykjanes Peninsula.


All year


Full day

Difficult / Challenging
(18km walk / varies)

Private tour
Max 12 per guide

12 years old

Upon request

USD (approx.)
Upon request

EURO / GBP (approx.)
Upon request

Included: Pick up and drop off from Reykjavík at the start and end of the day. Private tour in a comfortable vehicle, all safety equipment needed for the hike, rental gear (upon request – waterproof pants, jacket and hiking boots) and a dedicated private Hidden Iceland guide for the duration of the trip.
Excluded: All meals, snacks and refreshments

Fitness Level

There’s no way to sugar coat this, it is a long walk on uneven and challenging terrain. You must be fully fit. By no means do you need to be an athlete to do this hike but being an avid hiker or someone used to long distance walks on a hilly terrain is necessary.

With that said, you don’t need any technical skills or experience and there is no climbing or scrambling at any point. The ground is uneven and steep at sections so a high level of mobility is needed. A full range of motion is needed on all limbs, especially knees and ankles.

We will walk at a moderate pace with plenty of breaks but be aware that in order to keep the tour time down, we will need to walk at a consistent speed. The pace will always be appropriate to the group, as dictated by the guide. If at any point, the guide deems any party member not capable of the hike, they can turn around at any point and end the tour.

Good To Know

Please note that meals are not included in the tour price but we will stop at the lovely town of Grindavík to stock up on supplies and grab some food for lunch. It is likely that your guide will suggest the group to eat at the volcano site for lunch, depending on timings and weather. Regardless of lunch plans, you should still bring plenty of snacks and water with you.

You must be dressed appropriately for a wilderness hike. This means bringing along a day pack to add and remove extra layers as well as keeping snacks and water. You should have multiple layers with you, regardless of the expected weather conditions. Weather in Iceland changes quickly and can be unpredictable. You can see our packing list here for inspiration.

You must also have access to waterproof jackets and waterproof pants for the unpredictable Icelandic weather. These can be worn on top of other warm layers. Thankfully, if you don’t have your own waterproof jackets and pants we can lend them to you, free of charge.

Appropriate ‘above ankle’ hiking boots are a must for this hike since you will be walking on uneven and loose terrain. Ankle support is of paramount importance. Again, if you don’t have your own hiking boots we can lend them to you, free of charge (though having your own boots that you are used to walking in is always best for comfort).

All tours are charged in Icelandic Krona (ISK). Other currencies shown on the website are only indicative and are subject to currency fluctuations.

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