Discover Hidden Iceland’s luxury tailor-made packages, where our passionate local guides ensure the highest level of care and our Travel Experts plan outstanding experiences that take precedence over all else. 

All of Hidden Iceland’s private package tours can be considered luxury; however, these tours are often planned around the traveler’s budget. If that is not a limiting factor for you, then you are in the right place. Rest assured, when preparing Tailor-made itineraries this means true luxury. From the quality levels of the hotels to the activities and itineraries, you will feel taken care of while exploring the unique country that is Iceland. 

Northern Lights by Norris Niman. Aurora Borealis.

Where do we go on our luxury packages?

In a word, anywhere you want!

During your tour with us, we may include anything and everything from; erupting geysers, thunderous waterfalls, scarred tectonic boundaries, up-close icebergs, picturesque glaciers, tranquil black sand beaches, highland adventures, wildlife encounters, natural hot pools and, of course, northern lights hunts (in winter).

Our main limitations with how far and wide we are willing to take you boil down to two things; how long you are in the country and the time of year (i.e. weather considerations).

Why choose Hidden Iceland to plan your luxury, tailor-made vacation?

Personalized service with Hidden Iceland
Hidden Iceland is a premium, boutique operator, specializing in providing bespoke private and package trips. Our team of Travel Experts can arrange anything from stand-alone premium tours to full luxury packages, ensuring that every detail of your trip is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you are eager to explore the stunning natural beauty of Iceland’s glaciers, volcanoes, and waterfalls or immerse yourself in the country’s rich culture and history, we can create an itinerary that perfectly matches your interests.

5-Star Guides
Our guides are passionate about sharing their knowledge of Iceland, from the more popular spots, to the remote locations that are often missed by other travelers. This allows you to experience the true beauty of Iceland away from the crowds, giving you a more authentic and intimate experience. You can have a read through our glowing reviews, now amounting to over 1,000 5-star reviews, on Trip Advisor and other platforms, that often mention our friendly and professional guides.

Luxury Activities 
In addition to Hidden Iceland’s personalized service and off-the-beaten-track experiences, we offer a wide range of luxury activities such as being transferred by a helicopter to a remote glacier for a glacier hike or ice cave explorations, snowmobiling on glacier capped volcanoes or hiking tours in the highlands and anything in-between. These activities are operated by ourselves, or with local partners, to provide these specialized activities.

Luxury Accommodation
Accommodation is another area where we excel at providing luxury travel experiences in Iceland. We carefully hand-pick all the accommodation options we offer our guests, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of service levels, cleanliness, design and location. Some examples of luxury and high-end hotels in Iceland include The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, The Reykjavík EDITION, Dalur Luxury Lodges and Deplar Farm. Depending on how far our travels take us, we may resort to 4-star options, but rest assured, these will be the best in the area and often rival their more luxurious alternatives. Skálakot Manor Farm and Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon are among our favorites, to name a couple.

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It can be customized

We include all activities, tours, travel arrangements and accommodations from the moment you land in Iceland to the moment you leave. We also offset all our emissions, making your travel carbon-neutral.

Lunches and dinners unless requested to be planned.
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