Travelling around Iceland is always an amazing experience, no matter how you travel. However, our Premium Self Drive itineraries are designed for the traveller who seeks adventure and independence but desires the freedom and flexibility that only self driving can offer. Our Premium Self Drive Iceland team are here to make this possible by taking the stress out of planning and supporting you at every step of the way!

Hidden Iceland is a Carbon Negative tour company with a Gold Class Environmental Certificate. Your vehicle emissions will be offset automatically as part of the package.

What makes our Self Drive itineraries premium?

Hidden Icelands self drive itineraries are designed with quality in mind. Our expert trip planning team create a personalised itinerary every time, just for you! Nothing is ‘off the shelf’. We customise the itinerary based on your interests and preferences. We only place you in our preferred hotels (comfort and luxury) and we only work with activity operators that meet our highest standards. We also only use the most reliable car hire companies. If you are looking for the cheapest budget options then maybe this premium service isn’t for you.

Once you have confirmed you love the itinerary outline and paid for the trip, you will receive an in-depth step by step guide to keep you going during the entire tour (see below). This is provided no later than 2 weeks prior to departure. This can be viewed as a handy App, viewed online or downloaded to access offline as you travel. Each location is even connected to google maps, so you’ll never get lost.

We’re also here to help throughout too. You can contact us between 8am and 7pm each day if you have concerns or you want to amend anything. We’re contactable through phone, email and even WhatsApp. Outside of these hours you can send us an email but your car hire company can help with vehicle issues and the hotels we use have great customer service too.

Our trip planning, booking and service fees are embedded in the overall price when quoted. Booking everything yourself and going it alone may end up being cheaper if you find the odd deal here or there. However, this is a full service planned by expert travel planners that provides support the entire time you are in Iceland. We know you’ll love the final product. Check out our past customer reviews for what they have to say.

As you can see, desiring the freedom of having your own car and pace does not necessarily mean you have to spend endless time on research and bookings. With the help of Hidden Iceland’s trip planning team you can get all the freedom of a self drive tour, without any of the stress.

Please note that Hidden Iceland only provide self-drive itineraries during the warmer months in Iceland from mid April – mid October. Outside of these months the weather can become more of a challenge and we recommend joining our small group tours or private & package trips instead where you will be guided by an expert on Icelandic terrain, nature and weather.

Iceland Roads | Hidden Iceland | Photo by Norris Niman

The Premium Self Drive Itinerary

Every hotel, guest house, and apartment you travel to has been chosen for location as much as comfort. Each route you drive is painstakingly built to minimise long drive times between stops. We also believe we have developed the perfect blend of ‘must see sights’ and ‘off the beaten path travel’.

Our premium self drive tours can range from a 1 day tour all the way up to a 20 day journey around the entire island. It can be easy and tranquil, or focused on photography, or something for the adventurer. Or maybe a mix of them all.

Local Guides and Specialist Activities

We often say that a passionate and experienced guide can have such a profound impact on your trip. This is true, even if you are self driving in Iceland. You will of course drive yourself in the most part. However, when the terrain or activity requires the specialists, we know who to call. This includes things like glacier hikes, whale watching or snowmobiling. We also carefully pick cosy and unique accommodation perfect for your onward travels. The local operators that we work with, if the activity is not run by us, meet our high levels of service. This could be local ice cave explorers, super jeep guides or horse riding instructors. Nothing is ‘just googled’ in our itineraries. Our relationships with like minded companies are strong and fluid so that when you drive on your own to the next location you don’t need to worry about quality, only having a great time.

Inspiration For Your Trip

Our contact form below was designed to cover all the necessary questions to help us come up with something truly special for you. However, if you need a little inspiration before contacting us perhaps have a look at some of our private tour options here. Although these tours are driver-guided they do make a good blue print for our self-guided tours too. If you like the look of one, let us know.

Contact us for a premium self-drive tour and we’ll come up with a customised package and share our knowledge of all Iceland has to offer with pleasure.

What You Get From a Premium Self-Drive Itinerary?

• Full itinerary planning by our expert trip planners
• Locations, timings and advice for each location online or as a downloadable app
• Vehicle emissions automatically offset as part of our environmental strategy
• All hotel bookings
• All activity bookings
• Vehicle hire for the duration
• Meal suggestions and hints and tips to maximise your time on each day
• Support from Hidden Iceland by call or email

How much does this premium service cost?

Please keep in mind, this is not a free service. However, we don’t charge any up-front fees or ‘daily rates’. We make our money by getting favourable, confidential rates from hotels, car hire companies and activities. We then add on a percentage to those rates to cover the time that our trip planning team take to customise your itinerary, book all activities, and hotels and in the end, craft a meticulous step by step guide with timings, tips and everything you could possibly need to stay safe and happy in Iceland. This also covers the support you get while out on the road which can be quite necessary when the pesky weather gets in the way of a perfect trip. It really is a full service.

We feel that adding a small commission on to each booked activity and accommodation (instead of a daily flat fee) is the most fair for our customers who have such varying needs. Depending on the comparable retail rates that you would find online, our service may be a similar price to what you would find online yourself, doing your own research. Other times it can be even a little cheaper and other times, a little more expensive. It just depends.

Rest assured, whatever we plan for you will be with the best possible experience in mind. We hope you love it!

Please note, our trip itineraries cannot be broken down into individual pricing for each component since the rates provided by our third party suppliers are confidential. Comparing pricing online is the best option if you want to compare one activity over another.

Sólheimajökull Glacier Hike | South Coast: Fire & Ice Tour | Hidden Iceland | Photo Danny Mcgee

Some of Iceland’s Highlights

• A glacier hike on Iceland’s many ice caps
• Discovering blue ice caves in winter
• Bathing in different types of geothermal pools
• Exploring subterranean lava tunnels
• Going horseback riding past waterfalls and lava fields
Snorkelling or diving in crystal clear glacier water
• Zooming across a snow covered glacier on a snowmobile tour
Whale watching in beautiful fjord surroundings
• Dining at unique restaurants with local ingredients
Overnight stays with friendly hosts in a quiet setting
• Enjoying the nature and any opportunity for solitude and peace
Northern lights hunting in secluded areas

If this sounds great then please fill in the form below to receive a suggested itinerary for your self drive tour around Iceland.

Ready To Make Your Dream Trip Come True?

Please try to give us as much information as you can in the form below so that we can come up with the best premium self drive Iceland trip for you as quickly as possible. We will always do our best to respond to all messages within 3 business days, excluding weekends. 

Not Self Driving?

If you don’t feel comfortable in driving on unknown terrain in a foreign country don’t worry! Hidden Iceland specialises in offering guided private tours and small group tours to all parts of Iceland and we would love you help you come up with the perfect itinerary for guided tours.

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