Take your glacier adventure to another level with our customisable Ice Climbing Tour, no experience required. You decide the level of difficulty and the duration of the trip and we will find the perfect location for you to test out your skills. We will teach you the best climbing techniques and boost your confidence before increasing the difficulty of climbs.

This private day trip begins and ends in Reykjavík over one action packed day with the main focus being your journey onto the Sólheimalökull glacier for a day of fun ice climbing.

This experience is also available as a meet on location option if you have your own car. We can also climb on other glaciers depending on conditions and your location.


We start the day by picking you up in Reykjavík and travelling along the south coast. The drive takes around 2 hours in the morning but we will make sure to stop off to grab snacks before heading straight to the Sólheimajökull glacier. It’s here that your guide will prep you and provide you with all the necessary gear required for the hike and ice climb.

You will start your hike by learning about the glacier and how to walk competently on the ice with crampons. Once on the ice, your guide will explore the ever changing glacier in search of safe crevasses (cracks), moulins (holes) and other slopes to teach you the ropes (pun intended).

The ice climbing tour will comprise of multiple single pitch climbs of varying intensity depending on the ability and desire of the group. Even though ice climbing will be a big part of the experience you will also spend time exploring the glacier and taking in the views.

Normally, you will spend around 3+ hours on the glacier depending on weather, conditions and desires, though the day itself is expected to last 11 hours in total with driving time, prep time, lunch and optional sightseeing.

After an adventurous day, we will step off the ice and find somewhere for lunch before starting to travel back towards Reykjavík. Depending on how long you spent on the glacier, your guide may add in other scenic stops along the way.


All year

11 hours
(3+ hours on the ice)

14 years old


can be customised

6 : 1 max

*Difficulty level will depend on the desires and abilities of the group. Full mobility and good fitness levels are expected.

Comfortable transport, private ice climbing guide, crampons, ice axe, harness, helmet, waterproof and hiking boots if requested.

Meals and snacks. Personal day packs and water.

What if I have no experience?
This trip is designed for first timers with no prior experience on glaciers. However, a moderate to higher level of fitness is required for this trip with full mobility of your knees, ankles, hips and arms expected.

Do I need to buy any equipment?
As with all of our Glacier, Ice Cave and Ice Climbing Tours we will provide all the necessary safety, glacier and climbing equipment as well as waterproof clothing and boots upon request.

What if I have a previous injury?
Previous injuries will not necessarily preclude you from joining the tour. However, we do expect all medical conditions, injuries and mobility issues to be disclosed before the trip. Your guide will have the final decision on whether or not to go onto the glacier.

What if the glacier isn’t safe to go onto when we arrive?
Being an ever changing and wilderness setting, there is always a chance that your guide will decide that the glacier is not safe to explore once you arrive. This could be due to localised weather, rock fall, newly melted or cracked terrain and other factors. Sometimes, these factors are not known until we are on site. If we are unable to get onto the glacier we will endeavour to add in other sight seeing stops throughout the day.

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