FROM 13,990 ISK

Explore the open ocean in search of the majestic beasts of the North, all without leaving behind a carbon footprint. NORTH SAILING offer a 3 hour experience that’s great for the environment, humans and the natives of the waters.

You’ll spend your time aboard one of their oak boats Andvari, a ship with an electric engine that will allow you to glide through the bay in search of the whales without disturbing them. The tour operates from May to September from Húsavík harbour in North Iceland.

As their name suggests, North Sailing are located in the north of Iceland, in the so-called whale watching capital Húsavík, to be exact. Each eco-friendly voyage starts from the small harbour of the lovely small town. Outside of it’s whale fame, Húsavík is a must on everyone’s Iceland travel itinerary. It’s colourful buildings, wooding church and it’s small harbour filled with fishing boats is the perfect representation of true Icelandic life. With plenty of accommodation and food options to choose from, you can find escape from your every day life and feel as zen as an Icelander for a day.

The Silent Whale Watching Tour on offer from North Sailing is one of the most eco-friendly nature watching tours in the country. Quietly sailing through the waters of Skjálfandi Bay on an electric boat will ensure low impact to the creatures of the area. With no noise or fuel pollution coming from the Andvari boat, you can create ethical memories that will last a lifetime.


✓  Get as close to the whales and wildlife as possible without disturbing them
✓  North Sailing’s custom-made electric boat is the most eco-friendly whale watching vessel in the world
✓  Noise pollution is kept to a minimum for the benefit of the wildlife and customers
✓  Hot chocolate and cinnamon buns to compliment your whale adventure
✓  “Whale Guarantee”, you can try again for free on the classic tour if no whales are seen
✓  Panoramic views of Skjálfandi Bay and the charming Húsavík village from the sea
✓  Specially trained crew, both in matters of security and environmental responsibility. They’re also just lovely people!

Departs: Daily from May 1st to September 30th
Start Time: Departures between 8:30 – 17:00, check calendar below
Trip Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 3 hours
Price | Adult, age 16+: 13,990 ISK
Price | Youth, age 7-15: 7,000 ISK
Price | Kids, age 6 and younger: Free
Start Location: North Sailing – Húsavík Whale Watching, Hafnarstétt, Húsavík



Cancellations due to weather
Sometimes this tour is cancelled due to winds in the main whale habitat area. In such an event you are offered two choices: You can re-book your tour at a later date without any additional costs. Or you can take a full refund. Stay in contact with North Sailing regarding this.

You will be provided with warm flotation suits and all safety equipment but do dress warmly for the cold North Atlantic ocean. Bring warm outdoor clothing like a wool or fleece sweater, some warm headgear and gloves. Sturdy shoes are recommended.

Meeting point is at the North Sailing Office located on Hafnarstétt in the centre Húsavík Harbour.

This tour is operated by our partners at North Sailing.

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