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Húsavík may be called the whale watching capital of Iceland, but the tiny village of Hauganes is a sure contender for the title. Hauganes Whale Watching is located in the middle of the long and narrow Eyjafjörður bay so the captain does not have to go far for you to see whales and dolphins and thus a part of the tour can be spent angling for codfish, halibut or haddock that you can take with you for the freshest dinner possible! Whale watching and sea angling in a traditional Icelandic oak fishing boat makes the experience all the more authentic.

Whale Watching Hauganes is located in a minuscule fishing town on the west coast of Eyjafjörður bay in the north of Iceland, just a 30 min drive from Akureyri. The crew and boats are locals with years of fishing experience, along with forming part of the oldest whale watching company in Iceland. Hauganes is one of the few towns on Tröllaskagi, a mountainous peninsula boasting of amazing views and other lovely towns, such as the historical and picturesque Siglufjörður. There is not much in the village, only the homes of locals, the fish factory, a fish restaurant, camping grounds and two lovely hot tubs by the sea.

The waters of Eyjafjörður are calmer than in most other whale watching areas by Iceland and the steady boats and great location of Hauganes make the tour much easier for those who might suffer from sea sickness. You’ll receive warm overalls and there are blankets on board. To ensure that the animals are not disturbed by our presence, the boats sail at a constant speed towards the whales’ habitat. As a result, a variety of species, from humpback whales to tiny porpoises, often surface within a few feet of the boat. Respect for the whales is a key to all of Hauganes Whale Watching tours and the engines are turned off when approaching the whales.


✓ Visiting Hauganes village, a fishing village with only 120 inhabitants
✓ The local crew, born and raised in Eyjafjörður with plenty of knowledge to share about the fjord and surrounding area
✓ The sea-side hot tubs you can dip into after the tour to warm up and relax
✓ Getting the fish you caught filleted and prepped to take with you
✓ Comfortable and steady boats, which minimises the chance of becoming seasick in the already calm waters of Eyjafjörður
✓ Shorter than most whale watching tours because of the location so time can be spent sea angling
✓  No generators on board so the engines can be turned off when approaching the whales to make the approach gentle and non-intrusive
✓ All tours are offset and the boats run partly on recycled cooking oil

Departs: Daily, timings vary between months
Start Time: Check calendar below, 1-5 departures per day
Trip Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2,5 – 3 hours
Price | Adult, age 16+: 9,990 ISK
Price | Youth, age 7 – 15: 4,995 ISK
Price | Kids age 6 and younger: Free
Included: 2-3 hour guided tour, coffee and refreshments, fishing rods and warm overalls
Start Location: Hauganes Whale Watching, Hafnargata 2, 621 Hauganes



Tours are dependent on weather and sea conditions. For your safety and comfort, Hauganes Whale Watching reserve the right to change or cancel departures, even with short notice, should weather or other conditions change. In case of cancellations due to weather, customers receive a full refund or can change their departure depending on availability.

Reservations can be cancelled 24 hrs prior to departure without penalty. Cancellations received less than 24 hrs prior to departure will be charged full price.

Please arrive in Hauganes at least 30 minutes before departure.

Warm extra clothing can be offered, but it’s recommended that passengers bring their own warm and waterproof clothes like a wool or fleece sweater, some warm headgear and gloves. Sturdy shoes are recommended.

This tour is operated by our friends at Hauganes Whale Watching.