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We also have our Volcanic Eruption Hike & Reykjanes tour running summer 2021!

This Reykjanes Peninsula & Lava Tunnel semi-private tour is an introduction to Iceland’s incredible landscapes. The unique geology and landscapes are result of the separating tectonic plates that are pulling it apart. You will explore the most fascinating sights in this geological hotspot, which is included in the UNESCO Global Geopark. The day is topped off by taking a guided tour through one of Iceland’s largest lava tunnels, formed thousands of years ago. Explore this gem of Iceland, only a short drive from Reykjavik!

The highlights of the Reykjanes peninsula include lava fields, geothermal hot mud springs, beautiful green lakes and extraordinary scenery. Keflavík airport and the Blue Lagoon, just south-west of Reykjavík, is why most people head out to the Reykjanes peninsula, but there are plenty of amazing sights to see, with vast lava fields, geothermal hot springs, dramatic coastlines and breathtaking lava tunnels.

Bessastaðir & The Bridge Between the Continents

We start the day by heading out of Reykjavík and stopping by the ancient manor farm of Bessastaðir, where Iceland’s Presidents have resided since 1941. This old farm has been held by dignified Icelandic families for centuries. We will also stop by The Bridge Between Continents, this footbridge, also known as Midlina or “Leif the Lucky Bridge”, which links a fissure running between the two continental plates of North America and Europe.

Reykjanesviti Lighthouse & Gunnuhver Hot Spring

From here we head to the south-western most point of Iceland, where you can admire the cliffs teaming with birds and the oldest lighthouse in Iceland. Reykjanesviti lighthouse was destroyed by an earthquake in 1905, with the new lighthouse being built in 1907-1908. Before leaving the south-western corner of Reykjanes peninsula we also visit Gunnuhver, a highly active geothermal area of mud pools and steam vents, being Iceland’s largest hot mud spring. We then head to the fishing village of Grindavík, where we stop of at one of our favourite small restaurants in the area that specialise in Lobster Soup and other Icelandic delicacies (lunch is not included in the price).

Krýsuvík Geothermal area & The Lava Tunnel

After lunch we visit the nearby, Mars like landscape of Seltún by Krýsuvík with its steam vents and mud-pots bubbling right to the surface. Then comes the real highlight of the tour with a visit to The Lava Tunnel, Raufarhólshellir, one of the longest and best-known lava tubes in Iceland. A journey into Raufarhólshellir is a unique experience and a great opportunity to witness the inner workings of a volcanic eruption as you’ll walk the same path that lava flowed during the Leitahraun eruption 5200 years ago.The formations and colours within the scorched earth of The Lava Tunnel have to be seen to be believed. After the Lava Tunnel we would have you back in Reykjavik around 5pm. You can Check out the amazing footage in the video produced by The Lava Tunnel below!

Reykjanes Peninsula Tour Highlights

All year

9:00 AM

7.5 hours


Semi private
Min 4 / Max 8

8 years old

29,990 ISK
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Approx. $234

Approx. €193 / £174
€160 / £145

Included: The Lava Tunnel tour, pickup and drop-offs in Reykjavik, transportation with a small group and an English speaking guide.
Excluded: Meals

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Good to know

Please note that meals are not included in the tour price but we stop at a lovely restaurant in the town of Grindavík for lunch during the tour with a selection of sandwiches, soups, vegetarian friendly meals, fish and more.

As with all our trips, on this Reykjanes Peninsula tour be sure to bring along waterproof jackets and pants for the unpredictable Icelandic weather. Waterproof jackets and pants are available to hire. Make sure to order in the booking process or contact us directly.

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