The Iceland Young Explorers 5+ Day Private Tour is designed for families who want a fun and enriching experience in Icelandic nature. This itinerary can be customised to match any age group, all the way from young kids into old age. This trip works year round, with some amendments for winter.

Throughout this trip we will explore the south coast of Iceland, sneaking behind waterfalls and strolling across pristine black sand beaches. Our most adventurous day will include a glacier experience on Langjökull Glacier. We will get a chance to see Icelandic horses and get up close and personal with some charming goats (summer only). We’ll also venture through the popular Golden Circle with its erupting geysers, massive waterfalls and through the scarred Þingvellir National Park.

This tour is designed to be year round, but if you are travelling with young kids, we always suggest coming during the warmer months to really take advantage of the warmth and wildlife. 


Tour Summary

Day 1: Golden Circle with Friðheimar Tomato Greenhouse Lunch

Day 2: Explore the south coast of Iceland

Day 3: Thingvellir National Park & Optional Activities

Day 4: Glacier Experience and West Iceland highlights

Day 5: Reykjanes Peninsula with the Lava Tunnel and Blue Lagoon

Please note:
*The proposed itinerary is 5 days in total. We can add or remove days in the itinerary to accommodate your travel dates.

Arrival day, departure day and additional days are not part of the proposed itinerary but will be planned by our Trip Planners for you in your first quote. We also recommend having at least one full day in Reykjavík before or after your tour. 

Pre Tour | Arrival Day

Welcome to Iceland! Take the day to get adjusted to your new surroundings and recover from your travels from overseas. We recommend to take it easy on your arrival day, only with a few easy activities with a good cup of coffee in hand before the tour begins.

Optional | Reykjavík Leisure Day

Enjoy what the city has to offer by enjoying a full day in Reykjavík, either on your own and on foot. Or with your private guide who will take you to all the different corners of the city!

We start the day with a visit to the botanical gardens in the historical Laugardalur valley in Reykjavík. Afterwards, we take a charming boat ride to Viðey, an island located only a 20 minute boat ride from the old harbour in the city. Enjoy the scenery from the island over the city and the surrounding Faxaflói bay. Once you come back to the main land head down to Grandi Old Harbour neighbourhood to visit the local chocolatier Omnom chocolate shop who produce chocolate from bean to bar, and have one of their amazing ice creams! Afterwards we make our way to Seltjarnarnes Peninsula to visit Grótta Lighthouse and the surrounding nature reserve and a walk on the beach.

Family Friendly 5 Day Private Tour begins

Day 1 | The Golden Circle with Friðheimar Tomato Greenhouse

We depart Reykjavík after breakfast  and make our way to witness the force of Gullfoss, one of Iceland’s most powerful waterfalls. From there, we drive to the geothermal area of Geysir where the ever erupting geyser, Strokkur is situated. It erupts every 5 to 10 minutes on average! Don’t get too close, or you’ll need your rain gear.

Afterwards, lunch will be served at the Friðheimar Tomato Greenhouse, surrounded by busy bees and tomato plants. We will be able to try their famous tomato soup, ravioli pasta, grilled tortilla pizza and homemade bread. Maybe must eat is a better description than must see for this experience. Make sure to pop outside to say hi to the Icelandic horses before leaving. Don’t worry, this won’t be the only time you see them on this trip!

This is an easy day for the family so we’ll offer a few optional extras to squeeze into the day, based on the age of the family members and desires for the trip.

Where do we stay?
Tonight you will stay at Hotel VOS or Hotel Grimsborgir (or equivalent). There is a hot pool available at both hotels and both have incredible locally sourced restaurants.

Day 2 | Explore the South Coast

On day two, we travel along the south coast of Iceland to get us right into the action. First, we take in the impressive Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls. Both are around 60 metres high. Seljalandsfoss is famous for allowing you to walk behind it. Skógafoss is famous for being the filming location of Game of Thrones, Vikings and more recently, Eurovision. Around lunchtime, we’ll visit the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach with its unique hexagonal basalt columns and crashing waves. In the afternoon, we will experience the amazing Icelandic Lava Show (a favourite of the kids…and our guides) before heading back west to our accommodation for the night.

Where do we stay?
Tonight you will stay at Hotel VOS or Hotel Grimsborgir (or equivalent). There is a hot pool available at both hotels and both have incredible locally sourced restaurants.

Day 3 | Thingvellir National Park & Optional Activities

To start the day we will pop by the often missed Kerið crater. Just a stone’s throw from your hotel, it’s a great way to understand the volcanic might of Iceland’s fiery past. Next, we’ll head to the Þingvellir National Park. Þingvellir is the site of the first known parliament in the world, where many of Iceland’s most important decisions were made. It also sits in the rift valley of the separating North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. A perfect place to stretch the legs, take nice nature walks and take in the views.

In the afternoon, we’ll have a chance to take part in some optional activities, depending on the age of the family.

If you’re kids are over 12, we can stop at the newly opened Hvammsvík hot spring. For the younger ones, we can visit the geothermally surrounded horse stables at Sturlureykir farm (make sure to try the sweet Rye bread, baked underground). For the older kids, you can jump on the back of the horse and take a tranquil ride through the steaming fields in every direction.

Afterwards, we’ll traverse the road around Hvalfjörður (the whale fjord). The end to this day is all about the drive (and the views). Your guide will delight in telling you all about Iceland’s turbulent past while making sure you get some of the best views of your trip.

Where do we stay?
Tonight you will stay at Hotel Hamar or Hotel Husafell. Each hotel has great hot tubs which you can enjoy after the day of touring.

Day 4 | Langjökull Glacier Experience & Háafell Goat Farm Visit*

After breakfast, we’re heading further inland towards the Langjökull Glacier.

It’s here that we join our partners for our glacier experience. For the youngest travellers we may take you into the world’s largest man-made ice tunnel, which is great for the little ones. For those who are a little older (10 plus) we may look at more adventurous glacier options today such as snowmobiling or other glacier experiences. One thing is for sure, however you experience this glacier, the panoramic views are out of this world!

In the afternoon, we will have lunch in the area and then head to Háafell Goat Farm (summer only) where we spend some time enjoying the farm life and the animals that live there. If you thought lambs were cute, wait until you see the baby goats.

*This day, more so than the others, is very dependent on the time of year and age of the family members. Don’t worry, there are plenty of great alternatives for us to offer regardless of the time of year.

Where do we stay?
Tonight you will stay at Hotel Hamar or Hotel Husafell. Each hotel has great hot tubs which you can enjoy after the day of touring.

Day 5 | Lava Tunnel, Volcano & Blue Lagoon

The Reykjanes peninsula and LAVA Tunnel tour is all about the tectonic effects on the island. We spend the day visiting the UNESCO Global Geopark of Reykjanes Peninsula which is home to some incredible sights.

We start with a visit to Raufarhólshellir, or more widely known as the Lava Tunnel. This is one of the longest lava tubes in Iceland perfect for people of all ages. Here we will explore the depths of this colourful lava tunnel. You will witness the inner workings of a volcanic eruption from 5200 years ago.

Afterwards, depending on the age of the family, we will take part in a moderate hike to the newest lava field on the planet at the dormant volcano, Geldingadalur. We will walk around the lava field learning all about the eruption that started on the 19th of March 2021. There is no hot lava on the surface these days but the otherworldly landscape is still breathtaking. For families with very young kids or you are aiming for something a little easier, we will visit some of the more picturesque spots on the often over-looked Reykjanes peninsula.

In the late afternoon, we will make our way to the Blue Lagoon and either stay in their on-site hotel or find somewhere nearby.

Where do we stay?
Your guide will drop you off either at the luxurious Silica by Blue Lagoon hotel. Or, if you have a spare additional night you can opt for the 5 star Retreat by Blue Lagoon (2 night minimum) for a unique treat to wrap up your stay in Iceland. Both these hotels give you access to their own secluded pools as well as access to the Blue Lagoon itself. If you are on a budget you can always opt to stay at the nearby Northern Lights Inn once you’ve finished bathing in the lagoon. Alternatively, we can head back to Reykjavík.

Post Tour | Departure day

All good things must come to an end! After checking out of your hotel then it’s time to make your way to KEF Airport for your outbound flight.

Tour Highlights

All year
With seasonal amendments

Minimum 5 days
Plus arrival and departure days

No minimum age
Depending on activities

Depending on activities

Can be customised

Blue Lagoon area
or Reykjavík
Can be customised

All hotel choices are modern, spacious and comfortable with private bathrooms, and include breakfast. Five days of guided tours, entry to the Lava Show, entry to the Lava Tunnel, Entry to the Into the Glacier Ice Tunnel (or equivalent activity), admission to the Háafell goat farm (or equivalent activity), lunch at Friðheimar Tomato Greenhouse (all inclusive, except for alcoholic drinks). Private transportation in a modern and comfortable vehicle and one of our wonderful English speaking guides for the duration of the 5 days.

Flights to and from Iceland, meals unless otherwise specified. Reykjavík based activities and accommodation.

Extensions / Add-ons
We will include Reykjavík based accommodation in our first quote for ease, but this can be removed.
This trip can be shortened to 4 days or extended to 6 or more days upon request.
Optional activities (if not mentioned) can be added in the first quote (see form below)

Ready to make this your dream trip?

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