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The Secret Lagoon geothermal pool is one of those few rare places that have resisted change and it is all the better for it. Once you are in the pool it feels like taking a step back in time and you cannot but relax in the warm water. The moss grown fields and steam from the bubbling hot springs that surround the Secret Lagoon make you feel all the more connected to nature as you float in the geothermal pool.

The History
The Secret Lagoon is known as one of Icelands oldest geothermal hot pool since 1891 located in the town of Flúðir within the Golden Circle. Through the ages it’s been traditional to bathe in the many warm waters of the lagoons in the area. In 1909 the first swimming lesson took place at The Secret Lagoon and continued until 1947 when the new public pool was opened in Flúðir. The Secret Lagoon fell into oblivion but has now opened again after restoration.

The Secret Lagoon restored
The Secret Lagoon was renovated and reopened in 2015. The lagoon still remains natural and unique to provide the guests with a true Icelandic experience. The lagoons natural surroundings and rising steam emphasises exactly this. The warm water is at 38-40°C / 100-104°F all year round as it’s fed by one of it’s surrounding geysers that erupts every five minutes right next to the lagoon.

The Secret Lagoon provides indoor changing room with lockers and indoor shower and they are segregated for men and women.

How to get there?
The Secret Lagoon is located at Flúðir within the Golden Circle area, about 115 km from Reykjavík. If you’re not self driving but would still like to visit The Secret Lagoon then look to join our Golden Circle: Platinum Tour where we visit the lagoon as part of the tour. Entrance to Secret Lagoon is included in the tour.

Opening hours: Daily, check calendar below for seasonal opening hours
Difficulty: Easy
Price | Adult, age 15+: 3,000 ISK
Price | Youth age 14 and under: Free
Price | Seniors age 67+ and guests with disabilities: 2,200 ISK
Towel and swimsuit rental: 900 ISK each
Location: Hvammsvegur, Flúðir



Reservation is recommended in order to be guaranteed access to the Secret Lagoon at the time most suited for you. The pool it not very large and demand is high.

Please notice that we offer free entrance for children only with accompanying adults. Due to safety reasons, children 16 years or younger need to be accompanied by an adult, one adult can bring max 3 children.

Please note that showering without a bathing suit is mandatory before entering the pool. The Secret Lagoon provides segregated indoor changing rooms with lockers and indoor shower.
The showers are public showers with open spaces as is customary in Icelandic pools.

T-shirts and shorts or other non-swimwear is not permitted for sanitary reasons.

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