Please note: As of the 27th of July 2021, all vaccinated travellers and travellers with antibodies must show a negative PCR or rapid antigen test upon arrival. The results can not be older than 72 hours before arrival in Iceland.

Information on Hidden Iceland Tours & COVID-19

Before we begin, Hidden Iceland would like to say a big thank you to all our guests, past and present, who are standing by us and showing their support during these unprecedented times of COVID-19. Whether you have already joined us and continue to promote our great service, or you are patiently waiting to rearrange that planned trip, THANK YOU! We are truly grateful for your business and support.

Flexible Cancellation Policies!
You can plan and book your tour with confidence with our flexible cancellation policies. Our Day Tours can be cancelled with as little as 24 hours notice before the tour to get a full refund. Our Multi-day (overnight) and individual Private Tour bookings can receive a 90% refund with more than 7 days notice of cancellation before the tour.

However, all tours can be moved and rescheduled for no charge, avoiding any fees if you are not able to travel for any reason. So if you are unsure as to when you are able to travel, but want to plan something to look forward to for when the restrictions do ease, then you can book with us knowing your trip can be moved at no charge. So you can continue to look forward to that dream Iceland trip without stress! Read through the details of our cancellation policies here.

Rules for those with a Vaccine or antibodies (updated 22nd of July 2021)
As always, please look at the official government COVID-19 website for a full update.

As of the 6th of April 2021 the Icelandic government have confirmed that anyone (worldwide) who has proof of full vaccination or a certificate confirming antibodies from a previous infection, will be able to travel to Iceland without quarantine or border testing. Although all vaccinated travellers and travellers with antibodies must show a negative PCR test upon arrival at KEF Airport. The results can not be older than 72 hours before arrival in Iceland.

What if I’m travelling with my children?
If you are travelling with children born in 2005 or later who haven’t been vaccinated then the child follows the same rules that their parent or guardian adheres too.

Anyone who has not received a vaccine or does not have antibodies will still be subject to normal border testing and quarantine.

Have you been Vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19?
If you can answer yes to the above question then you are exempt from quarantine (from the 1st of July). People who are in possession of valid documentation that proves prior infection (and recovery) or vaccination against COVID-19 are free to enter Iceland. Currently, the only accepted forms of proof of this are positive PCR-tests and certificates of presence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. In regards to proof of vaccination the accepted forms and details of these are detailed here.

Tight Border Restrictions ongoing for non vaccinated travellers
Not including those who are vaccinated or have antibodies, the Icelandic Government, along with the EU, has proposed that travellers from within EEA/EFTA countries, as well as select list of safe countries (as designated by the EU) are able to travel to and enter Iceland. Aside from Greenland, no one is permitted to travel to Iceland for leisure purposes unless vaccinated or proof of antibodies.

The following restrictions apply in order to be able to enter Iceland (if you are not vaccinated). Confirmed negative results from a PCR test conducted within 72 hours of departure is required to enter. Upon arrival you will need to be tested for COVID-19 at KEF Airport, this is then followed by 5 days of ‘hard’ quarantine, and then a second PCR test on the 5th day of quarantine. Once the second test results are confirmed negative you are free to travel in line with the social distancing requirements that are expected by all in Iceland. As of the 19th of November 2020 all border testing is free on arrival.

Still Unsure? Get in touch!
These restrictions are not completely straightforward, and will ultimately depend on where you are travelling from. If you have questions about your upcoming tour, or are looking to travel to Iceland and want assistance working through these entry requirements please contact our team who are happy to answer any questions. Read on for what Hidden Iceland is doing in response to COVID-19

Hidden Iceland measures due to COVID-19

Taking into consideration the spread of COVID-19, we at Hidden Iceland are doing everything we can to minimize the risk of infection on our tours, following the guidelines of our health authorities, so that you can enjoy your adventure with an ease of mind.

We have reviewed our tour operations with safety of our guests and employees. Below is what we are doing, and require you to do, to maintain yours and our guides safety:

  • Limiting physical contact is an easy and effective way to minimise the risk of infection. Although there are no restrictions in place it is still best to err on the side of caution when possible.

  • We have placed sanitising stations by the entrance of the vehicle and we please ask that you sanitise your hands when entering and leaving the vehicle as well as practicing hand washing when possible throughout the day

  • All Hidden Iceland guides are fully vaccinated.

  • Helmets, glacier crampons, ice axes and other safety equipment are cleaned after each use according to manufacturer’s technical notes

  • All shared contact surfaces in the vehicle are cleaned with disinfectant after each tour.

  • In addition to the points above Hidden Iceland is a part of an initiative by the Icelandic Tourist Board which is based on a foreign model called Clean & Safe. It is important to adapt to this new reality and that the tourism operators welcome customers in a safe and responsible way. Read more about the project here.

Clean & Safe. Hidden Iceland

What can you do?

  • Use of masks when indoors or in close proximity to other travellers when social distancing requirements cannot be followed.

  • Avoid unnecessary physical contact when possible.

  • If you need to sneeze or cough, try to do it into your elbow or in a napkin.

  • Use of hand sanitisers whenever available.

  • Follow common guidelines for sanitation and measures to reduce spread of COVID-19 (WHOCDCUK NHS).

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