Staying at Traustholtshólmi Island is one of the more unique ecotourism experiences you’ll find in Iceland. This is the perfect place to recharge with minimal distractions from modern life as it is easily accessible from the city, yet still completely isolated. Enjoy a complete, all inclusive experience of sleeping in a comfortable Mongolian yurt on a private island within the arctic circle. This is a night to remember!

Come lie in the tall grasses and experience the true sense of seclusion and peacefulness that Traustholtshólmi has to offer.

The island owner and sole habitat Hákon, alongside his trusty sidekick dog Skuggi, spent his summers with his family as a child. Today he has pursuit his vision of building a completely sustainable, eco-friendly space using traditional and unique solutions to preserve the tranquil nature of the island’s environment.

The Private Island Experience

You’ll be taken care of by your host from the moment you arrive on the riverbank of Þjórsá glacier river where your host picks you up by a little boat, until the minute you leave the following morning. It’s here where you’ll experience the sustainable lifestyle of the island; from participating in wild salmon catching, harvesting vegetables from the centuries old traditional gardens, picking wild herbs and participating in a delicious feast at night where you’ll enjoy the bounty of the day. Take your time to explore the island or enjoy lying in the tall grasses listening to the wind and roar of the glacier river nearby.

Harvesting dinner, the traditional way

The island has three food seasons and together with your host you’ll make the most of each. In sprint, wild geese nest on the island and their eggs are harvested and served up with freshly picked, wild herbs found on the island. From early June through August is salmon season. During this time wild salmon is caught in a net right off the islands pier and enjoyed on the spot as your host prepares the freshest sashami by the river.  Come fall it’s time to harvest the vegetables that have been growing in the centuries old vegetable patches of Traustholtshólmi island and the focus shifts to wild herbs and earthy vegetables.

Sharing dinner outside as day blends in with the bright midnight sun around the open fire that cooked the catch of the day is the perfect way to end the day. If a particularly cold or rainy day guests can move into the largest of the Mongolian yurts that serves as communal area and warm up by the fire pit inside.

The yurts

For accommodation there are three yurts available on the island. The fourth is used as a communal area for guests during the stay to enjoy dinner, breakfast and evening talks by the fireplace. Each yurt is fully made up with warm down bedding and can sleep two adults and two children. Showers and restrooms are shared. Guests can rent a single yurt, or rent all three for exceptional unique experience.

How to get there

This is a meet on location activity. The Þjórsá river bank is only a 75 minute drive from Reykjavík. When you get there the owner and single inhabitant, Hakon, welcomes you with his sheep-dog Skuggi (Shadow in english), and brings you over to the island on a 3-4 minute boat trip.

If you would like to arrange a private tour to the island get in touch and we’ll put together the perfect tour for you!

General information

Operates: June 3rd – September 2nd
Accommodation: Three yurts total on the island. Each can comfortably sleep two adults and two children. The islands fourth yurt is used as common area for guests to enjoy dinner and breakfast
Amenities: Fire pit, toilets (shared), shower overlooking Þjórsá glacier river (shared), wi-fi
Activities available: Catching wild salmon, nature walks, stargazing and northern lights (autumn activities only, seal spotting, birdwatching, boat trips, doing nothing
Price per yurt: EUR 596 for one night in a yurt for two people. Extra fee for children is EUR 149
Inclusions: Accommodation in one yurt, private guided day tour of the island, salmon catching, dinner experience and breakfast.

How to book?

Book directly with Traustholtshólmi through the link below or get in touch with Hidden Iceland and we can create a private tour around staying at Traustholtshólmi. Get in touch and together we can come up with the perfect trip for you!

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