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Do you want to explore the entire south coast of Iceland, witness Iceland’s largest glacier and Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, whilst still having time to explore the stunning beauty of one of Iceland’s most spectacular blue ice caves? Then our Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon & Ice Cave two day tour is the perfect tour for you.

Within the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vatnajökull National Park, you will experience Iceland’s largest glaciers, highest mountains, and of course the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon where massive icebergs float around this stunning lagoon and wash up on the black sand shores of Diamond Beach. You will explore the depths of one of Iceland’s biggest glaciers, and give you time to really take in the blues and textures of the ice cave. On the first day of the tour as you travel east you’ll explore the waterfalls, black sand beaches and canyons of the South Coast. In the evening you’ll search the night skies for the awe-inspiring Northern Lights from our comfortable accommodation. The second day is all about exploring the Vatnajökull National Park; its glaciers, ice caves and iceberg filled glacier lagoons.

Our wonderful guides will ensure that you have two days that you will never forget!

Please note
This trip runs from October until mid-April. The exact beginning and end to the season varies based on ice conditions. See the booking widget for availability. During the warmer summer months (April to September) we operate a similar trip which includes a Glacier Hike, instead of the ice cave tour. Click here if your trip falls during these dates.

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Tour Highlights

October – Mid April

8:30 AM

2 Days. Returns around
8:30 pm on the 2nd day.

Easy (most of the tour)
Easy* (ice cave tour)
*Full mobility needed

Max 12

10 years old

PRICE – ISK per person
Triple  –  79,990 ISK
Double – 79,990 ISK
Single – 89,990 ISK

USD – Approx.
Triple  –  US $590
Double – US $590
Single  –  US $660

EUR / GBP – Approx.
Triple – €550 pp / £490
Double – €550 pp / £490
Single – €620 pp / £540

Ice Cave Tour with all safety equipment (helmet and micro-spikes). Accommodation at Lilja Guesthouse in deluxe rooms (or Brunnhóll during Dec and Jan), with private bathrooms and including breakfast. Pickup and drop-off in Reykjavik in comfortable mini bus with WiFi, all with a wonderful Hidden Iceland glacier and driver guide. Also included is Hiking Boots, Rain Jacket and Rain Pants if these are needed (these need to be chosen in the booking process, otherwise they cannot be guaranteed).

Lunches and dinner

*Please note: All prices are based on ISK prices, and are per person within the selected room types. Foreign currency prices are only indicative and subject to fluctuation.

For choosing your PICKUP LOCATION please read this important information.

Please book by room type. Select single room if you are travelling by yourself, if you are a couple then book a double room, etc.

DAY 1: South Coast Sights

After leaving Reykjavik we head straight for the impressive Seljalandsfoss waterfall. The water from this powerful waterfall is sourced from the infamous Eyjafjallajökull glacier capped volcano, which sits just above Seljalandsfoss. Without icy conditions it is possible to walk right around behind this waterfall for a unique perspective. The waterfalls do not stop there. Next is the powerful Skógafoss waterfall, which is a sight we are sure you will never forget. This 200ft fast flowing vertical waterfall can be enjoyed from afar or up close, with a staircase taking you to the top for a spectacular view. On sunny days you might be lucky enough to be treated to a rainbow appearing from the mist of the waterfall.

Next stop is the famed Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach where we will look over the amazing black sand beach and unique hexagonal basalt columns. In winter there are often powerful swells which will leave you in awe of the power of the Atlantic Ocean. The black sand shores of Reynisfjara has featured in many popular films and shows like Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Noah. You’ll realise why this has been a popular location for filming after visiting this unique location. This is a great spot for lunch, we’ll stop for enough time to also eat at the Black Beach Restaurant.

After lunch we pass through the seaside village of Vík, with its iconic church up on the hill, before we continue east to explore Fjaðrárgljúfur (on rare occasions the local conditions may require us to visit other sites instead), where you can see the impressive forces of nature that have eroded this spectacular gorge. We’ll hike along the edges of the gorge to multiple viewpoints of this stunning location. Further east, we will drive past the mighty Vatnajökull icecap, where we will be dwarfed by Iceland’s highest mountains, as we pass by the spectacular Skaftafell National Park.

We spend the night at the new and incredibly comfortable Lilja Guesthouse, resting up for another action packed day. We stay in their deluxe rooms, all the rooms are recently finished with modern fittings and private bathrooms. Dinner at Lilja Guesthouse is always delicious, with the kitchen taking advantage of the fresh, local Icelandic produce. The remote location of Lilja is the perfect spot to search the skies for the Northern Lights. Uninterrupted 360 views and almost no light pollution around, makes it possible to spot the aurora from right outside the rooms at Lilja Guesthouse on a clear, starry night. It isn’t necessary to hunt for the northern lights…we relax under the starry night sky waiting for them to come to us in the comfort of our accommodation.

In December and January, we instead stay at Brunnholl Country Guesthouse in the south east of Iceland. This charming family run guesthouse offers a taste of the Icelandic countryside life. It’s expansive views also make a great spot for northern lights if the forecast is in your favour.

**In December and January, whilst Lilja Guesthouse is closed, we will be staying at Brunnhóll Guesthouse which is also perfectly located, and has wonderfully comfortable rooms and delicious local food at their restaurant.

DAY 2: Glacier & Ice Cave Adventure

Our second day starts with the delicious buffet breakfast (included) from Lilja Guesthouse. After breakfast we then go to one of our all time favourite locations in Iceland, the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. It is often possible to spot seals swimming between and lazing on the icebergs in this enormous lagoon. We are always mesmerised by the giant icebergs that float around this incredible lagoon and get washed up to glisten like crystals on the black sand shores of ‘Diamond Beach’. This is one beach trip that you definitely will not forget.

At Jökulsárlón we meet with our partners from Local Guide of Vatnajökull who take us on our ice cave adventure. This is the real highlight of the trip! Local Guide of Vatnajökull get us to a remote part of the glacier in their amazing super jeeps, so we can access one of the blue ice caves in the region. From where their rugged super jeeps take us it is only a short walk to witness the blues and textures of these natural works of art. Please note, we cannot guarantee to be the only group in the ice cave. The ice caves are popular for great reason, though we always do our best to time the tour to be there at the quietest time to give you the best experience.

Once we are back at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, we say goodbye to our guide from Local Guide of Vatnajökull and take some more time to explore this enormous glacier lagoon. From here we start making our way back west toward Reykjavík. We will make a stop at one of our favourite local restaurants on the way for a late lunch. We will have you back in Reykjavík in time for a late dinner in the city.

Ice Cave Tour Details

This tour does involve walking on uneven terrain and some walking to reach the ice cave, and requires a moderate fitness. In 2023/24 season we are visiting the Blue Diamond ice cave which requires a 10-15 minute walk on uneven but mostly flat ground. There will be rocks and a few larger boulders to step around and over so full mobility of ankles and knees are required. Then we walk on the glacier with crampons for around 300 metres (approx. 5 minutes) on the glacier to reach the entrance to the ice cave, where you will descend stairs carved into the ice, deep into the ice cave! The ice cave tour lasts for 3 hours, with around 1 hour spent on the glacier and in the cave. The wind in Iceland on the glaciers can be cold and fierce, so please be prepared with appropriate clothing.

All ice cave and glacier tours are completely dependent on weather. Sometimes ice cave tours have to be cancelled at short notice due to strong winds or warm, wet weather which can force the ice caves to fill with water. We sometimes have other backup ice cave options which are still fantastic and do not have issues with water. If we are unable to visit one ice cave we will attempt to visit another if conditions there are better. If no ice caves are available then we will attempt to go on a glacier hike if weather conditions allow that, though in practice this is unlikely if the weather is the reason since glacier hikes are more likely to be susceptible to bad weather. In the case that no glacier alternative is possible, we will offer partial refund of the full tour cost. Yours and our safety is our top priority. We will only go on a glacier hike or ice cave tour if conditions allow us to do so safely.

Good to know

We will stop in the south coast town of Hvolsvöllur on the first morning to load up on snacks for the first day. You can shop here or bring food for the day to spend more time at the sights during lunch. However, there is ample time to have lunch at Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach Restaurant too. Lunch is not included in the price of this tour. There will be a chance to buy snacks ahead of the ice cave tour, as well as get a late lunch afterwards.

Please note that the ice cave tour is NOT a mandatory part of the tour. It’s possible to wait by the glacier lagoon and cafe if you are uncomfortable going on the ice cave tour. If you are unsure if you would like to join the ice cave tour please contact us ahead of booking.

During December and January Lilja Guesthouse closes, so instead we stay at nearby Brunnhóll Country Guesthouse, another comfortable countryside option that is perfect for seeing the northern lights on a clear night.

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