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The Icelandic Music & Storytelling experience is a 1.5 hr show with your host, Hanna Mia, who will sing traditional Icelandic music and regale you of some of the more weird and wonderful stories of Iceland. There are two options to join this show, and both will leave you with a new found appreciation for Iceland and its people. You can choose the daytime show every Tuesday, at the beautiful IÐNÓ House, or wish to join her at her quaint downtown home for an evening session on Saturdays.

Hanna Mia, your host, is a talented young singer-songwriter living in downtown Reykjavík. She has been a tour guide for many years, speaks 5 languages and has recently set herself the goal to write and perform one new song every single day for an entire year. This creative endeavor comes to a conclusion in the summer of 2019. Her voice is one of a kind and her effortless ability to bring together the crowd with her passion for Iceland makes this experience feel more like friends enjoying some down time rather than attending a show.


✓  Hear multiple traditional Icelandic folk songs performed by your host, Hanna Mia. Many of the songs are in Icelandic which adds to the whole experience.

✓  Listen to Hanna elaborately delve into the history of Iceland and tell you stories you won’t forget.

✓  An informal setting, where you’ll be able to engage with Hanna Mia. Audience interaction is encouraged!

✓  Learn about elves, ghosts, vikings, history, the hidden people and peculiar local customs.

✓ On the daytime Tuesday show you will be acquainted with IÐNÓ House, dating back to 1897. We recommend sticking around for lunch at Café IÐNÓ, you get a discount for attending the show.

✓  On the Saturday show you will enter Hanna’s downtown traditional home situated near the Hallgrímskirja church suitable for hosting up to 18 people. Light traditional Icelandic food and drink can also be purchased during the show.

“Her voice has a haunting beauty among minor chords that emits an entirely different feel when she sings in a major key.”  Diana Southern of North to South

TUESDAY SHOW: 1pm – 2:30pm

The Tuesday show is held in a private room at the perfectly preserved IÐNÓ Reykjavik  in downtown Reykjavik, a wooden building dating back to 1897. The show begins at 1pm and concludes at 2:30pm with access and discount to the IÐNÓ Cafe afterwards. Please arrive a few minutes prior to the show.


A discount on food from IDNÓ will be given for attending the show.

SATURDAY SHOW: 6pm – 7:30pm

The Saturday show is held at Hanna Mia’s private residence in Reykjavik. A quaint wooden building constructed in 1916 in the traditional Icelandic style between the towering Hallgrímskirkja Church and the main high street, Laugavegur. Full address will be given upon booking.

Light snacks and drink can be purchased in her home cafe during the show.



The entire show will be held indoors and will be sitting for the majority of the performance.

We recommend making lunch or dinner reservations nearby afterwards. We have a blog post with some suggestions.

If you would like a more intimate setting with just your friends & family then a private show can be hosted upon request. If you are hoping for more private trip recommendations you can get in touch with our team to help plan the perfect itinerary. Click here for more info.

Hanna can also perform the show in the following languages in a private setting: English, Swedish, Icelandic, German and Spanish.


If you booked Tuesdays event please go to IÐNÓ. The address is VONARSTRÆTI 3 in Reykjavik. It is good to arrive at least 10 minutes before the show. This is a great cafe and great place to grab coffee or lunch before or after the show.

For Saturday’s event at Hanna Mia’s house the address will be provided by email. You will receive a separate email from Hanna directly. Her contact details will also be on the ticket.

Minimum Age Limit: 5 years old.

Cancellation can be made with more than 48 hours before show to receive 90% refund.

You can reschedule up to 2 hours before the experience is scheduled to begin.

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